When the Picture Speech website was launched, it wasn’t responsive as it didn’t cater for any smartphones or tablets. But now we are happy to share that over the last few weeks we have been working hard to make sure the website is responsive on all mobile devices.

We started by working on optimising the website for viewing on smartphones to see how the content would scale. The website responds well to smartphones as it targets the width of the device and then scales the content, making the website much more versatile than before. The same principles were applied to scale the content in landscape orientation, making the website much nicer to browse.

For tablets, we adopted similar techniques in targeting the content based on the width of the device you are using; however it was decided that the website would look more like the desktop version. To achieve this we, in essence, squashed the desktop website down to fit into the resolution of a tablet (such as the iPad and iPad mini). This meant that we weren’t compromising on the visual aspects of the website, but instead making it adapt to the width of the device, whilst keeping the same design and layout. As you can imagine, the website looked unchanged in landscape orientation as the original website had a maximum width of 960 pixels, where the lowest resolution iPad has a landscape width of 1024 pixels.

All of these changes have now been made to the website, and are visible on all mobile devices. Check it out at: www.picturespeech.com