For V1.5 we have been considering how to develop Picture Speech further.  Although the application is accessible to users in many different ways, we thought that it could be enhanced even more.

A major feature that has been requested is now available, the ability to select from multiple background colours to make it easier for you to read. Previously, the background was just set on yellow as our initial research showed that yellow was the most common colour filter that individuals were prescribed with. However, the British Dyslexia Association ( clarifies that different people are prescribed with different colour filters to suit their need. This is why Picture Speech now offers you the background colour choice of: white, yellow, blue, green and pink. Simply change this in the App Settings once you have logged in. Also, to ensure that all pieces of text and icons are clear for you to see and read, all pieces of text and most icons are now black.

We’ve also been adding other improvements to the application. Just like the design for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPads; iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 now have the three column view for the notebooks. A cleaner capture screen and tips added to the iPad capture screen have also been included within the update.