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Version 1.5 Release Notes

IMPROVED COLOURS • You can now set a background colour on every screen • Lists now support backgrounds to make it easier to read on • Five bright new colour themes – White, Yellow, Blue, Green & Pink • Select the colour from settings • Most icons are now black to make it clearer to view OTHER IMPROVEMENTS • Updated Parse backend • Added three column view to 4s and 5 • Cleaner Capture Screen.. Read More

Version 1.4 Release Notes

This release is all about making it easier for you to capture and listen to text. We’ve completely redesigned the process of capturing content : Capture content and listen to it offline (after first sign in) Offline content only applies to the capture and first listen, saves require an internet connection It is best to be connected during the capture process where possible Content no longer needs to be saved to listen to.. Read More

Version 1.3 Release Notes

We’ve released a small update that adds a few new features and fixes. The next update will be available within the next few weeks and provide a much easier experience to capture and listen to content. We look forward to sharing that with you then. • Adding a note when within a notebook will now automatically set up the chosen notebook for you • Ability to like us on Facebook or follow us.. Read More

Version 1.2 Update Now Available

We’re thrilled with the success of Picture Speech and appreciate you downloading it and using it for every type of task. We have another update available (Version 1.2) with highly anticipated features such as editing. As mentioned the main new feature is editing, we now offer you the ability to change any previously converted or written text after it has been saved. Simply go on any note, tap the edit button and tap.. Read More

Version 1.2 Release Notes

NEW FEATURES • Edit any notes text once it has been saved • Your last notebook choice is automatically selected for you for quicker saving OTHER CHANGES • Fixed issue that prevents the build number showing on iPhone 5/4s • New Parse backend – Speeds up file downloads and uploads, now uses system keychain If you find any bugs or want to report feedback please visit http://www.picturespeech.co.uk/support Plus everything from 1.1 NEW FEATURES.. Read More

Developing for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Picture Speech was ready for iPhone 6 even before the devices were announced. A new feature named Size Classes were introduced in June at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference from Apple). Size Classes were a new way to design layouts for iOS, previously you designed for a standard iPhone size and a standard iPad size, this is had now completely changed. You can now design one interface and scale it appropriately for any device.. Read More

Version 1.1 Update Now Available

With Picture Speech now in the App Store, it is now time to talk about a new update available now and future updates over the next few months.The first major change is that we now only support iOS 8, this allows us to focus on one version and support this. It was already becoming difficult to support iOS 7 and iOS 8 with some layouts and settings functioning in different ways on each.. Read More

Version 1.1 Release Notes

Picture Speech V1.1 This app is now for iOS 8 only, iOS 7 users can either upgrade to iOS 8 or continue using/downloading V1.0. New Features Quick Listen – After saving you can now instantly listen to your saved note without going back into the notebook Provide Feedback and Get Help – You can now directly communicate with us within the app, read our knowledge base and provide us feedback. Time added to.. Read More

Introducing Picture Speech

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Picture Speech, this is our first new release out of our new in house development team at Unionloft. Picture Speech is a free app that allows you to capture and listen to any type of text. We’ve strived to make it as simple as possible to capture books, text, pictures and documents which you can then listen to that content back. You can save the.. Read More

What is Picture Speech?

Picture Speech is a free app that allows you to capture and listen to any type of text. “Capture and listen. Don’t just read.” Selling points Simple and clean user interface Unlimited uses for any purpose. Free to download and use with no in-app purchases Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Fully supports iPhone 6 screen. Functions Capture books, text, pictures and documents Copy, paste or write text to listen to.. Read More