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Nicole Tang

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Version 1.5 Update Now Available

For V1.5 we have been considering how to develop Picture Speech further.  Although the application is accessible to users in many different ways, we thought that it could be enhanced even more. A major feature that has been requested is now available, the ability to select from multiple background colours to make it easier for you to read. Previously, the background was just set on yellow as our initial research showed that yellow was the most common colour.. Read More

Version 1.4 Update Now Available

Picture Speech has another update available within the App Store, Version 1.4. This release is all about making it easier for you to capture and listen to text. We have completely redesigned the process of capturing content to make it easier for you to use. The main new feature of this update is that content no longer needs to be saved to listen to. Basically, after the first sign in process, you can.. Read More

Dyslexia Awareness Week

This years Dyslexia Awareness Week is from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th November 2014. The aim for this annual event is not just raising awareness, but also showcasing the achievements that people with dyslexia have made. The theme for this year is ‘Dyslexia Matters’. Below are some interesting articles that bring to light what dyslexia is and how you can still fulfil your dreams.   Sally Gardner, an award-winning children’s author, wrote an article.. Read More

How can Students use Picture Speech?

We’re delighted with the amount of feedback that we have received for Picture Speech. The feedback that you have provided us with has shown us how versatile the app is. Knowing that you have found this app useful, in different ways, is overwhelming as this is more than what we had originally expected. We have found that Picture Speech is extremely useful for students. There are many reasons for this. With this app, they can use this app to.. Read More

Accessibility Features in Picture Speech

Picture Speech is an app that is designed to support you. Whether it is to support you in your learning, your occupation or just general reading within your daily life. Picture Speech allows you to capture and listen to any type of text. This app lets you listen to the text you have captured or written within the app. We’ve taken a number of steps to support everyones needs. This app gives you the option.. Read More