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Capture and listen. Don't just read.

Version 1.5 Update Now Available

New Feature for V1.5

For V1.5 we have been considering how to develop Picture Speech further.  Although the application is accessible to users in many different ways, we thought that it could be enhanced even more.

A major feature that has been requested is now available, the ability to select from multiple background colours to make it easier for you to read. Previously, the background was just set on yellow as our initial research showed that yellow was the most common colour filter that individuals were prescribed with. However, the British Dyslexia Association (http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/dyslexic) clarifies that different people are prescribed with different colour filters to suit their need. This is why Picture Speech now offers you the background colour choice of: white, yellow, blue, green and pink. Simply change this in the App Settings once you have logged in. Also, to ensure that all pieces of text and icons are clear for you to see and read, all pieces of text and most icons are now black.

We’ve also been adding other improvements to the application. Just like the design for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPads; iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 now have the three column view for the notebooks. A cleaner capture screen and tips added to the iPad capture screen have also been included within the update.

Version 1.4 Update Now Available

preview screen

Picture Speech has another update available within the App Store, Version 1.4. This release is all about making it easier for you to capture and listen to text.

We have completely redesigned the process of capturing content to make it easier for you to use. The main new feature of this update is that content no longer needs to be saved to listen to. Basically, after the first sign in process, you can capture and listen to your content offline. This offline process only applies to capture and the first time you listen to it. If you then want to save the content, it will require you to have an internet connection. But, if the content is no longer relevant, you can delete it after listening to it.

As well as redesigning the application, improvements have also been carried out. With the main new feature being that content no longer needs to be saved when you want to listen to it, icons have been added to the preview screen to support this process. On the top left hand side, on the preview screen, there is now a red delete icon which allows you to delete your irrelevant captured text and on the other side is a cloud icon to save it to our secure cloud. Also with V1.4, you can now edit a title of a note after it has been saved to the cloud.

We hope you enjoy this new update and as always please contact us via our feedback site http://picturespeech.co.uk/support to help us develop the application further.

Version 1.2 Update Now Available


We’re thrilled with the success of Picture Speech and appreciate you downloading it and using it for every type of task. We have another update available (Version 1.2) with highly anticipated features such as editing.

As mentioned the main new feature is editing, we now offer you the ability to change any previously converted or written text after it has been saved. Simply go on any note, tap the edit button and tap on the area you wish to change. When you have finished you can then save and immediately listen to your updated note. We plan to offer the function of editing the title and moving to a different notebook at a later date.

In our quest to make the capture process as fast and simple as possible with has introduced a new feature “Automatically choosing the last notebook”. After you’ve chosen a notebook in 1.2 this will become the default notebook to continue adding notes to. You don’t need to reselect the same notebook for multiple notes. When you select a new notebook this then becomes the default.

We’ve also updated the backend to make things a bit faster and fixed some other bugs. We hope you enjoy this new update and as always please contact us via our feedback site http://picturespeech.co.uk/support

Version 1.1 Update Now Available

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.44.38

With Picture Speech now in the App Store, it is now time to talk about a new update available now and future updates over the next few months.The first major change is that we now only support iOS 8, this allows us to focus on one version and support this. It was already becoming difficult to support iOS 7 and iOS 8 with some layouts and settings functioning in different ways on each OS. At the time of writing iOS 8 is at 50% adoption rate and this will steadily grow and we recommend that you update as soon as possible. If you want to stick with iOS 7 you will still be able to use V1.0 and any new users will also be offered this version to download.
A great new feature is ‘Quick Listen’, this allows you to easily listen to any content immediately after you’ve captured it. You no longer have to go back to the notebooks tab and find your note, it’s there and ready for you to listen to. This really improves the speed of the capture process. One other small feature is that your notes now have time stamps against them so you can see when it was created if you have similarly named notes.
We’ve implemented the ability to provide feedback to us directly within the app. You can see other feedback, comment/vote on ideas and contact us directly. The feedback system has been a great help to see what features we implement next and we reply to every comment made. With the feedback integration also comes the knowledge base that explains many of the questions you may have and the ability to message us directly with any concerns or support requests not covered by the feedback system or knowledge base.
We also included several new improvements that enhance the experience even further. We’ve updated the settings to include new categories, better rate settings with slower speeds, privacy improvements and more. Capturing content with text only will now bring up the keyboard automatically, it will also pick the first word from any converted image and make it the title. A number of UI improvements include a better tab bar, layout margins, brighter backgrounds and more. We’ve finally fixed an annoying bug on the player that would result in it not working on slow networks, plus added a loading icon to the listen screen to help with this.We really hope you enjoy this release, we think it will make the process of capturing and listening even easier. As always we welcome your feedback and now with the new in app feature its even easier, you can also access it at http://picturespeech.co.uk/support. We plan to offer the next update in the coming months with the ability to edit notes and more.

Introducing Picture Speech


We are extremely excited to announce the release of Picture Speech, this is our first new release out of our new in house development team at Unionloft.

Picture Speech is a free app that allows you to capture and listen to any type of text. We’ve strived to make it as simple as possible to capture books, text, pictures and documents which you can then listen to that content back. You can save the content to notebooks and have them synced to our private and secure cloud.

The app is initially launching on any devices iOS 7 or higher however we strongly recommend that you use an iPhone 4s, iPad 3 or later device since these have a higher resolution camera. We also are happy to support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus out of the box with extra support for those massive new screen sizes. You’ll see enhanced features on the 6 and 6 Plus such as a 3 column layout with more coming soon.

When developing Picture Speech we had a few key markets to target, specifically for people suffering with dyslexia. We however found that the app can have a purpose for anyone with the key being “Capture and listen. Don’t just read”.

To help our users we have quite a few accessibility settings that can be changed. You are able to choose the gender of the voice, either British male or American female. You can also choose how fast they will talk. With the use of Dynamic Type in iOS we allow you to change the font size to make it easier to read along, this reflects your overall system font size preference. We also have used the colour yellow as this is an easier colour to read on, we intend to introduce more colours at a later date. Whilst you listen to your note you will even see the word that is currently being spoken along the bottom of the screen. We know there is more we can approve on in terms of accessibility and encourage you to provide feedback to us.

We can’t wait to see the different ways many people will use the app. Picture Speech is available now in the App Store (download here). It is completely free to download and we won’t be charging for features that are in the app at Version 1. We encourage you to provide us with feedback and let us know what you would like to see in the app at http://picturespeech.com/support, your feedback will directly contribute to each version release.

Capture and listen. Don’t just read.

What is Picture Speech?


Picture Speech is a free app that allows you to capture and listen to any type of text.

“Capture and listen. Don’t just read.”

Selling points

  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Unlimited uses for any purpose.
  • Free to download and use with no in-app purchases
  • Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Fully supports iPhone 6 screen.


  • Capture books, text, pictures and documents
  • Copy, paste or write text to listen to
  • Listen to captured content
  • Create, organise and edit notebooks
  • Add your own personal cover to your notebooks
  • Sync your notebooks to our secure, private cloud
  • Change your voice options (speed and gender)