We’re delighted with the amount of feedback that we have received for Picture Speech. The feedback that you have provided us with has shown us how versatile the app is. Knowing that you have found this app useful, in different ways, is overwhelming as this is more than what we had originally expected.

We have found that Picture Speech is extremely useful for students. There are many reasons for this. With this app, they can use this app to help them to revise or carry out their reading assignments. For some students, they prefer to use this app when revising, rather than reading the text themselves, as they find that they remember the subject knowledge more when they listen to the information being read out to them.

A teacher even told us that her students, who are diagnosed with dyslexia, feel empowered when using this app as they are able to work more independently among their peers at school. Therefore, children with SEN can be encouraged by Picture Speech to work more independently with confidence, at home or at school. The teacher also emphasised that Picture Speech is a helpful tool for struggling readers to use daily at school or at home.

Many people have  also realised that this app can support those who have have difficulty in reading English or even those who have English as an additional language. With this app, students who find reading English difficult will still be able reach their full potential in their learning since the language barrier is not affecting them. For example, if the students had to complete a task in their English lesson, they would still be able to carry out the task, however they will be using Picture Speech to support them in their reading.

So, how have you used Picture Speech? Why do you find it useful? We would love to hear from you, and if you have any feedback on how this app can be improved, contact us on http://picturespeech.uservoice.com