We’re thrilled with the success of Picture Speech and appreciate you downloading it and using it for every type of task. We have another update available (Version 1.2) with highly anticipated features such as editing.

As mentioned the main new feature is editing, we now offer you the ability to change any previously converted or written text after it has been saved. Simply go on any note, tap the edit button and tap on the area you wish to change. When you have finished you can then save and immediately listen to your updated note. We plan to offer the function of editing the title and moving to a different notebook at a later date.

In our quest to make the capture process as fast and simple as possible with has introduced a new feature “Automatically choosing the last notebook”. After you’ve chosen a notebook in 1.2 this will become the default notebook to continue adding notes to. You don’t need to reselect the same notebook for multiple notes. When you select a new notebook this then becomes the default.

We’ve also updated the backend to make things a bit faster and fixed some other bugs. We hope you enjoy this new update and as always please contact us via our feedback site http://picturespeech.co.uk/support